Walkabout Transportation, LLC. was formed in 2004 as a Warehousing and Logistics provider in Central Texas. Walkabout Transportation has expanded since its creation in order to better serve the needs of our growing customer base. We are currently located in a modernized 50,000 square foot warehouse in Austin, TX.
Warehousing Services Include:
  • Receiving, storage and shipping capabilities for all types and quantities of products.
  • Advanced inventory control through state of the art technology
  • We are centrally located to take care of all of your shipping and storage needs.
  • Dedicated team to receive, store, pack and ship your products as you need.
Walkabout Transportation Capabilities
  • Walkabout Transportation utilizes a unique Warehousing Management System to keep track of inventory through all stages of the supply chain. We are able to update when the product is being shipped into the warehouse, when and where the product is in storage, and when the product has been shipped from our warehouse.
  • We utilize an Order Tracking System which allows us to keep our customers updated with the current location of their product.
  • All technologies are there for the customer to receive the best service possible, while easing the shipping experience and saving money.
Why waste time and money buying your own warehouse when we can handle all your warehousing needs for you? Whether you need storage space for processing, kitting, cross-docking, or fulfillment, we can handle all of your needs and more. When you use Walkabout Transportation’s warehouse, it becomes your own personal storage space.

With a diverse customer base, we have many customers with different warehousing needs who are able to utilize our warehouse as their own. With our warehouse team, we are able to eliminate all the overhead costs of owning your own warehouse.

Our Warehouse Offers
  • Security
  • Intra-Texas Distribution
  • Staff members dedicated to your account
  • No long term contract
  • Inventory technology

Our fleet of 53′ trailers, bobtails, and vans are all run out of our warehouse based in Austin, TX.

With our central location we are able to receive and ship your products from Dallas to San Antonio in a timely and cost efficient manner.